Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sven's Art of Football Management

As a country we should be 100% behind the England team. I am and think England are going to win the World Cup Finals.

Compared to the last one in 2002 it looks like more of the population are rooting for the team because more and more cars and van around the country are bearing England flags.(photo: But you can’t help feeling that the more national flags on display the worse the England team seem to be playing.

There is already talk in the news that the manager’s halftime talks are not blood and guts and thunder that you would expect in an important battle. [BBC NEWS: England's second-half struggles]

In fact after 15 minutes in the company of Sven-Goran Eriksson the England team seem return to the pitch un-inspired and definitely lack lustre.

Strangely enough this is quite similar to how I feel after my shopping experiences at Ikea, the Swedish furniture store. So is there a connection between the England manger and this shopping experience? Is it being Swedish? Or just management? Let’s explore!

On paper both the England teams and Ikea products look great. But when you get them out in the open they seem to loose some of their sparkle.

On paper they look easy to put together but after many frustrating attempts to put them together some how they don’t quite fit.

The England team seems to have only one way of playing and when you visit the Ikea store… there is only one way of going around!

I’m sure there are more connections, and if you can think of any then please send them in but for now I conclude that it is management style rather than being Swedish which tempers the current situation in both camps.

Come on England!

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adrian zag said...

You're under pressure to get the right product - then when you get home you find you've bought too many of one thing and not enough of what you really needed (eight midfielders, only four strikers, 2 unfit, Defoe sent home)

Ikea sounds impressive but actually when you look at it, it's a blot on the landscape with a lot of crap in it...just like Eriksson's monument to mediocrity, his poorly-assembled, poorly-guided, lacklustre, shambolic waste of talent of an England team.