Monday, June 12, 2006

Holy Fathers of Punk Fathers

The Stranglers have another greatest hit album out. I know it’s another because I already have one from a couple of years ago - bought second hand from Ben’s Record Collectors.

So I watched the advert intently wondering what new tracks they had found but there was no inkling of anything extra.

The voice over went through the usual motions, reminding the forgetful of this punk bands musical triumphs and, just as we got to the end, he announced, with no hint of irony, that this album “would be an ideal gift for Father’s Day.”

“What?!” I thought. “How can something that once seemed so rebellious now be suitable as a gift for Father’s Day?”

It makes commercial sense as most punks are now fathers. In fact I’m a recent father and this Sunday will be my first day of feet-up “I’m doing nothing honey it’s father’s day” attitude.

But to be told that The Stranglers, responsible for songs about heroin addiction, bottom watching and Leon Trotsky getting an ice pick that made his ears burn, were ideal gift material for something as soft as Father’s Day was quite a shock.

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