Thursday, June 15, 2006

HDTV World Cup at the Cinema

And where will you be watching the England’s matches during the World Cup? At home, at work, in the pub with your mates trying to see the screen and wishing you had a chair and waiter service? Why not try the cinema?

That’s right the Odeon are showing all of England’s games in Widescreen High Definition TV. I went to the first one in Guildford to witness a bit of cinema history and was very impressed.

Although my drinking hand felt a bit underused I had a comfortable chair, an excellent view of the game and revelled in the quality of the picture.

I think that is why I am more positive about that football match than other commentators.

With widescreen you get more of the pitch and closer too. So when England kicked off you could see the whole team but you weren’t viewing them as tiny specks on the grass.

Once they started passing it around you could see more of their movement off the ball. This was wonderful. It was a revelation. Plus the screen was 40 feet across.

But the match wasn’t the best and we had to pay for the privilege but I really enjoyed the occasion and so did the others who went. We were given free flags too.

After the match I spoke to the happy fans as they left and then interviewed the man with the magic boxes, Geoff Hewitt, who is the Chief Technician at the Odeon Guildford.

You can listen to it now:

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or you can download it here:


Giles said...

I'd be interested to see if this took off at all. The idea is very appealing for those who want to watch the game with other fans but don't want to be standing in a crowed smokey pub. For more World Cup views and analysis visit

Christopher said...

Very interesting indeed! Thanks for providing me with an insight into the quality of these HD broadcasts - I wanted to watch the England match in HD at the Birmingham Odeon, but unfortunately I was on the road down the motorway so I couldn't make it myself.

Cheers :)