Monday, June 05, 2006

New Music Collection - Midlands

This is the second New Music Collection and its sub-titled Midlands. Maybe each one should have a number but I think numbers are good for just football players and houses; whereas odd subtitles suit art a lot better.

First act in the podcast are Overproof Soundsystem. They started life in 1998 as a monthly reggae night called "Overproof" held at the Medicine bar in Birmingham, England. The song I have picked is The Plea. Their version of kraftwerk’s The Model is brilliant it would make the Top 10 in the charts if released.

Next up it's way out cinema They are a new band fusing the sound of 60's west coast harmony rock with contemporary indie. They were formed in 2005 by Rob Blackham who needed an outlet for his original material. He is from the Midlands too and the song is called Drowning.

Second podcast in a row we have a poem from Greg Buddery. Greg’s a writer living in Guildford, South England and is currently attempting to publish a novella - "A Young Artist in the Modern World" and a poetry collection (working title- Self Help). This poem is called Drinking Poem and was recorded in one of the few pubs that doesn’t have music in it. The deep hum in the background is the air con.

Emerging from Northampton, InVerro draw together so many wide ranging influences it's hard to understand how they manage to blend them all together into such sweet melodies and driven beats – well that’s what is says on their MySpace site! This mild mannered Midlands meleody is called DimLo.

Another Fine Day
Between 1992 and 1994 Tom Green created his classic album Life Before Land which made the Top 3 ambient albums as chosen by the Independent newspaper. You’ll hear the song Esperanto as well as a clip from an interview in which he talks about the equipment and processes he used to make the album. Buy this album!

Desert Heat
come from rural Quebec and formed nearly 17 years ago. Apparently there has not been a major country band emerge from this part of Canada in industry memory. In 2006 they hope to conquer America. Their debut CD (which was co-produced by Wayne Warner) on the B-Venturous record label, is called “Forever Road” and this is the title track.

We end the podcast with a blast of electronica - Subsource. I know the bass player in this band. Although I didn’t know that he was in this band until I received their publicity photo. Stuart Henshall is his name and he also plays bass for the Naked Sunday Collective. Both groups play their mix music live so try and see either if you can. Subsource play breaks/drum and bass and this powerful track is called Fight ‘Em Off.

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