Monday, May 08, 2006

There is Gold in Them Clippings

I call them clippings, others call them press cuttings and companies like McCallum Media Monitor offer a service where relevant newspaper cuttings can be delivered to your door.

And there is nothing better than finding an old pile of clippings of stories which you found interesting about a year ago.

The trouble is I have started carrying them around with me. If the contents of a woman’s purse unlocks the mysteries of her personality then what does the content of a blogger’s rucksack reveal?

Should look into my bag you might well deduce from the content of the clippings that the newspaper world is in crisis and raw fish has something to do with it – you’ll find a small bottle of soy sauce from a take-away sushi tray.

But luckily for me my newspaper clipping habits could transform me into a rich(ish) man, having just found out that one page of a newspaper now cost £1.

I discovered this when I was trying to be 'Web 2.0 Clever' and start collating my collection of newspaper clippings online.

My idea was to copy the quotes that I wanted, and links to the articles, into an online document saved at RallyPoint

No problem with my Media Guardian collection, although articles are protected all I have to do is sign up for free and I can read the article.

But when I want to copy quotes from Stephen Glover’s article "Are the days of the newspaper numbered? I don’t think so."

I am invited to either join the Independent Portfolio or buy the article for £1. "One pound!?", I hear you exclaim. Yes indeed, my clipping is worth one pound. Thirty pence more than a whole copy of the Independent.

It is very tempting to offer you a photocopy for 50p.

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