Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Archbishop Reveals Hoodie Solution

"Don't judge a young person by their hoodie!" That was a recent declaration from Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York. [BBC News: Archbishop woos hoodie generation]

Not only was he preaching the good message but he was also wearing the much derided fashion item which, according to almost all media sources, is the scourge of all non-hoodie wearers.

In many towns the hoodie is feared, it is loathed and you can't entre some shopping centres if you are wearing one.

But if you are a young person who feels that the world is against you and you need somewhere to turn it off when you're outside, then a hoodie is ideal. Or, as many people assume, a hood is quite handy when you need to avoid detection from CCTV cameras.

Of course the hood is part of British folk lore. One of our national heroes is Robin Hood who, because of his honest thieving habits, presumably had to wear a hood.

Don't forget that monks wear them, academic gowns have hoods attached and the Grim Reaper wouldn't be seen dead without one.

So congratulations to the Archbishop for encouraging tolerance and understanding but if he really wanted to make a difference he should be telling the older generations to copy his hood wearing style. Because if anything is going to stop a trend amongst the young it's the sight of older people following suit.

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