Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Hard Cheese Scenario

For a short time I worked in a kitchen. Nothing too fancy, I was mainly chopping vegetables. But I picked up some great tips from the chef.

Once, when I was chopping up the end of an onion, my fingers were perilously close to the knife. The chef came over and picked up my small piece of vegetable and told me: "This bit of onion costs under 10p. Your finger is much more valuable."

I took his advice and stuck to it. Even though I hate wasting food and prefer to recycle almost everything, sometimes you have to think to the future rather than the present.

Unfortunately yesterday, while trying to grate a rather hard and small piece of parmesan cheese, my grip was lost and my finger scrapped along the efficient metal teeth of this fine kitchen implement.

As the chef’s wise words came back to haunt me it made also me wonder: "What current political situation mirrors the hard cheese scenario?"

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