Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sending Out Some World Cup Love

There is only one England song for me during this World Cup and that’s "Name on the Cup" by the Trophy Boyz.

They had a Top 40 hit in 2005 with Du The Dudek - a great song about the goalkeeping antics of Liverpool’s European Championship hero.

The same song-writing team also made a recording about England’s Ashes victory against Australia. It was called "Ashes Back" but they could only get it released in South Africa because record companies in the UK didn’t think it would sell!

All of these songs have featured podcasts of mine and the latest mercilessly plugs their new, and I believe, classic tribute to English football.

The lyrics are excellent:
We qualified without Wembley
And forget the Denmark friendly
And Northern Ireland was just a bluff

When we’re on paper
We'll take them one and all
With the right formation
The nations ready for more

And how about this…
With Owen and Rooney
Who needs a back four
We'll bend it like Beckham
And lift it like Bobby Moore

The lyics are written by Adrian Zag, describe all that is good about being an English supporter and sung over a stonkingly upbeat groove.

Be warned English fans, it is a dangerous song this, because the more you listen to it the more you think Rooney is going to play and even if he doesn’t that England are still going to win the cup.

So, to help spread the word about “Name on the Cup” and simultaneously add a bit of love and humour to the weeks of soccer ahead, I’ve made a "World Cup Pass".

If you want to send a copy to someone please feel free to do so. Click on the image below for a bigger version.

At present I think this postcard is an original idea but if you have seen others please bring me down gently.

When football is concerned love doesn’t last forever and if I had a gauntlet I would throw it down at the feet of the Daily Telegraph’s podcast editor Guy Ruddle.

I sent a speculative e-mail asking if he wanted a shorter version of my Trophy Boyz podcast and he replied, quite legitimately, that they had already sorted out their World Cup songs and features. Always good to be prepared well in advance!

So I’m looking forward to hearing the DT’s selection of tunes but will any of them match the Trophy Boyz lyrical brilliance?

You can buy it online, from KarmaDownload for 89p

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