Friday, August 17, 2007

The Groove of Jackson Analogue

Jackson Analogue have a groove; the type that grabs your body and demands attention.

This groove comes from the Isle of Wight and contains infectious guitars acting as a whip to drive the beat or a counter balance to the emotionally charged vocals. All of this energy is seeped in Hammond organ.

Combined it makes Jackson Analogue one of the most authentic rock groups around.

They’re also willing to experiment. Their debut album “And then, nothing” (above) was mastered onto vinyl and then recorded back into a digital state. Thereby changing the tone of the recording and yet again finding the groove.

This album was also a way of cutting ties with the past and forging new relationships within the media and music industry for the future.

As guitarist Jim Holmes explained: “The deal we signed went sour and this album released all the music owned by that company. It’s had great reviews and brought the band to the front of people’s minds. But at the same time we are free to find people who can deliver more than we are capable of.”

Thanks to web sites like MySpace, YouTube and digital downloading, bands have access to more tools than some record companies release. So when they can’t any extra then bands have to move on.

As for future record deals Jim has this advice for himself and others: “Don’t rush into anything. Know who you are working with and get advice from as many industry people as possible.”

Jackson Analogue are in the process of making their second album which again will be recorded in the water tower on Osborne House on the Island. And have a new EP coming out soon via download.

They are playing The Bestival (Saturday, 6pm) an we’ll have a track lined up for this Sunday’s Original Showcase – 6pm original 106fm

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