Friday, August 10, 2007

The Appeal of Melissa

Every Sunday, after 9pm, the Original Showcase has Fanpower, in which listeners, or fans of an artist, can request more plays of their favorite acts.

If success was based on the amount of requests we receive then Southampton based Melissa would be top of the charts.

She consistently gets requests from all ages, genders and nationalities. And it is no surprise.

Her voice is excellent; her songs are about love and life, and the music is a mixture of laid-back jazz and country. She plays keyboard and flute, Dave accompanies her on guitar

The requests arrive by text, email and telephone and it’s during the calls you can hear that Melissa’s songs have tickled an emotional response with her fans.

“I write about what ever springs into my mind, or is triggered by events around me, even conversations on the bus.” Melissa explained. “The song ‘Who Knows’ was about a depressed and lonely colleague who was hoping for that special someone to come along. I just put myself I her shoes and wrote about how that would feel.”

There is nothing new in Melissa’s approach to writing but she definitely has something which links her music to the minds and hearts of the listener.

Thanks to the Internet this effect is being felt abroad with an appreciative following on the American country circuit.

As soon as the album has been recorded Melissa is hoping to head out to the States; but the album comes first and that should be with us by the end of the year.

The Original Showcase will be playing a song by Melissa this Sunday after 6pm on Original 106fm.

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