Thursday, August 02, 2007

Birdpen – debut album announced

Whether it’s live, or on CD, you’ll always be impressed by Birdpen.

They started as a duo, combing guitar and synthesizers with killer riffs under a driving rhythm that commands attention.

Both Dave Pen (vocals, guitars, synth and centre) and Mike Bird (guitar, synth and right) are masters of studio technique and performance.

They also have James Livingston Seagull (Drums and left) who is an impassive powerhouse that compliments their laid-back yet powerful approach.

Their songs are thoughtful, intriguing and powerful. Each CD is carefully crafted and on stage they reproduce their recordings magnificently.

The mix keeps your ears firmly fixed on the layers of music surrounding you.

But in this country there aren’t many bands similar to Birdpen and, as most UK record companies seem to require groups that are part of a trend, Birdpen have one option: mainland Europe

As Dave Pen explained, “We have to prove ourselves in other territories before doors will open for us here, so we’re releasing our first album in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We’ve had great experiences in Europe and their lack of inhibitions means they get our music immediately.”

His continental vision comes from also singing with Archive, the London based collective that recently supported Muse in front of 60,000 people in Paris.

Some of that European support is also focused on Birdpen with fans crossing countries just to see them play. But that’s what happens when Birdpen get under your skin and into your nest.

The debut album is titled On/Off/Safety/Danger and released February 2008. It will be a hit.

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