Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dlugokecki Say "Hello" To The UK

Last week saw the conclusion of an eclectic tour of the UK by the Southampton based band Dlugokecki.

Named after the forthcoming album, the “How Do You Do” tour was their way of introducing themselves to the public and media in a way that mixes style with quality – very much a reflection of their music.

This adventure included venues such as the Mersey Ferry, Old Trafford, the London Eye, Stonehenge, and outside the Haunted House at Blackpool pleasure beach.

Where some rely solely on the internet this band have taken the camper van by the steering wheel and put some miles on the clock.

It’s also been a great way for Dlugokecki to collect plenty of footage for a video that will encompass the whole of the country.

This is music to cross borders and continents and the songs will also click within you. Ben presents stories and ideas we can all relate to.

Whether playing as a duo or a full band Dlugokecki ooze sincerity and charm.

One venue was the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth where Ben (vocals/guitar) and Andy (keyboards) played a strong set with the harbour and Isle of Wight as a back drop – and the island has a special connotation for Ben.

His fiancĂ© used to live there and his song “Ocean” expresses his feelings about having a barrier between two people who love each other – in this case it was the Solent Estuary.

And I can’t see many barriers between his music and the rest of the world’s ears.

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