Thursday, May 10, 2007

A great idea for you to run with...

I like having ideas and this one is based on observations and conversations regarding shoe buying.

What has been noted by shoppers and staff alike is that many people have problems with their feet.

High arches, strange toes, feet too wide the problems are almost endless.

But the shoes on offer are basically designed to fit one type of foot and if it is yours then you’re in luck, but it can take many attempts before you find your perfect match.

Now shoes are very important but as our feet don’t grow after we’ve reached a certain age surely it would make sense to have shoes made for you.

And that’s my great idea. Shops where you can go and get your feet measure for shoes that are designed just for you.

You’ll probably needed some sort of 3d scanner, a computer controlled cutting device and people to put these together. It might not happen there and then but once the tempted is in the system you could have almost any style made by request

They won’t be cheap, but they will feel great and will probably last longer than the ones you have now. As long as they can be easily repaired and you’ll have a customer for life.

Now you might think that’s a load of cobblers, but I disagree.

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