Thursday, May 24, 2007

A New UFO Theory

There are a lot of UFO stories around at the moment, plenty of photos and reports. The Archway, London video is a great example.

You also have the French Government putting their UFO files online and the British Ministry of Defence are going to follow suit: MoD opens its files on UFO sightings to public - The Guardian

To me it feels that something is going on.

And now we have these excellent (almost too good to be true) photos [April]
[May] of a small craft, hovering over trees looking like a humorous piece of kitchen equipment. It has been seen a couple of times and seems to be almost doing a tour of America.

Maybe we’ll see it in Europe soon. Casually flying around, not being threatening.

It would be an ideal way of bringing humour to what could be a highly emotive subject for a lot of people.

Think of it as the modern wooden horse. We get used to it, no one can explain it and little by little we come to the conclusion that it could belong to someone "off-planet".

A little later on we get a different craft, something bigger, brighter and more fun, making the surprise less shocking.

And after that… one with a pilot.


Grafikman said...

That ufo is turning out to be a hoax. There have in fact been only 2 "sightings" of this craft, by 2 different email addresses which turned out when traced to be from the same IP address -that of "Chad". There have been several analyses of the photos and 3DS Max or Maya with Photoshop finishing seems to be the most likely suspects.

I've seen several ufos in my lifetime and have no doubt they're here, but the whole story is just too convenient with the craft almost "posing" for the camera, no apparent fear from the man or his wife from a craft being that close, quasi-Klingon symbols on the bottom, etc. The guy may be able to turn these photos into a media job opportunity though...

Anonymous said...

They seem like smaller pieces in a greater design. More a part than a total craft.