Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hmm… UFO or UF Ho! Ho! Ho!?

The questions tumbling from many tongues boil down to these three.

Is it a hoax? Is it a new flying device being road tested? Is it a vehicle from out of space?

The first one is an easy answer. Yes, of course it is. Nice clear picture, looks like something made of spare parts from Star Wars and as it’s the 30th anniversary…

The second? Well some one could have developed a new form of aerial transport and what a way to get publicity. Show off a vaguely UFO device and get people to take photos.

Or it’s a UFO: as in space craft or, more interestingly, a recognisance vehicle for an orbiting space craft?

What you can’t see is the cone like shape of wires at the top. These are explained below by someone who has left a comment where the photos are posted.

I’m undecided and more likely to go for suggestions 2 and 3. But if it is 1, then congratulations, good job.

Here’s an edited version of the best comment I’ve read so far. It’s by robert3clemens

I think that this is NOT a hoax. It's not from outer space, either. I mean, look at the damn craft. It's got a number of ionization rods arranged around a central core. What does that tell you? It's driven by ion wind, i.e. the rods ionize the air (at their tips), and a powerful magnet draws them through the donut hole…

He then continues

By the way, the reason I don't think it's from outer space is because it's so obviously atmospheric. (Ion lifters don't work in space where there's basically no gas to ionize.)



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