Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Spy A Super Villain

Oh Hollywood come hither! I bring you a script suitable for Bond or Bourne because there has to be a super villain out there toying with our security services, proving the extent of his or her evil abilities, because recently...

Two satellites have collided in space (first time ever) and also a pair of nuclear submarines have 'touched' mid-Atlantic (equally rare).

No doubt these two incidents have been demonstrations of a dastardly device created by an 'evil one' (possibly Dr Collido) just to prove how she, or he, can control our best machinery and make it look, well, stupid.

So if Big Ben strikes twice at one o'clock then no doubt our leaders will have given in the demands of the deranged Dr Collido.

And if, dear Hollywood, this scenario is too simplistic for our cinema goers, why not add a twist of science fiction with meteors flying over Sweden and Texas as seen below.

We could call the film: "Dr Collido's Moon Threat"



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