Thursday, February 12, 2009

Miracle Star seen around world

The first pictures of the ‘miracle star’ have been published on Share International’s web site and there have also been some videos surfacing in various forums around the internet.

This picture was originally printed by Norwegian newspaper Harstad Tidende and the others from places like Miami. Costa Rica and Pakistan.

The pictures show a bright object in the sky which some say “looks as big as a tennis ball in comparison with adjacent stars.” You can seen the full set here

The background to this story is fascinating as well as deep but if you are new to this story then here is a brief summary:

Share International’s editor Benjamin Creme says we are about to see the Emergence of Maitreya, a World Teacher, who can guide us to a much better future than the one we are on course for.

Although Creme has been preparing the way for the past thirty years there hasn’t been a right moment for Maitreya to appear.

However thanks to the global financial crisis, and its serious implications to everyone on the planet, now is the time.

And to mark the start of Maitreya’s Emergence it was announced by Share International at the end of 2008 that:

“In the very near future a large, bright star will appear in the sky visible to all throughout the world – night and day.”
Well they couldn’t have picked a better or worse time.

The good news is that 2009 is the Year of Astronomy, marking the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s first peak through a telescope, so no doubt many eyes will be looking up at the celestial wonders above us.

However the bad news is that Venus is resplendent at the moment and, to be honest, it has fooled me on a number of occasions. (I have found the Neave Planetarium invaluable if I am unsure as to what star or planet is putting on a display).

This planet has also sparked wild debate on the Internet and where you find someone discussing a strange star in the sky you’ll also find someone pointing to Venus.
When I last looked the thread “STRANGE VERY BRIGHT STAR LIKE THING” at it had run to almost 70 pages of discussion, insult and argument.

However in that forum this video was posted (you’ll find more here)

The next event to look out for is Maitreya’s first interview which will be on American television. In the Jan/Feb edition of Share international, Benjamin Creme’s Master writes:

“On that open, public occasion, still unannounced as Maitreya, the World Teacher will present His views on the economic and financial chaos which now grips the world. He will explain its origins and final outcome, and present, to some extent, His recipe for amelioration of the present heavy burden on the poor of the world. Thus He will prepare the way for a more detailed and specific announcement of His ideas.

How will viewers respond? They will not know His background or status. Will they listen to and consider His words? It is too soon to know exactly but the following may be said: Never before will they have seen or heard Maitreya speak. Nor, while listening, will they have experienced His unique energy, heart to heart. Also, this is a unique time in history with whole nations stunned and apprehensive for the future. Therefore it can be assumed that many who hear His words will be open and eager to hear more.”

Exciting times! You can read more here:


Anonymous said...

I believe it definitely. A great being the stature of Jesus or even higher is about to come onto world television and gradually inspire us to step back from the brink of moral, social & economic catastrophe due to the dogged following by governments over decades of an economic system that JUST DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE- it improverishes all but a tiny elite- its called neoliberal capitalism, (global rule of mega money speculators and private money creators). Now at long last that ghastly system is on its knees the people are waking up at LONG LAST & questioning the corporate media. The bailouts and market rigging is holding up neoliberalism's final plunge just for a few more weeks- then at last the world teacher knows we will no longer be enthralled to neoliberalism, and its consumption economy & casino capitalism because its so obviously collapsing, corrupt and hopeless... At that point this world teacher great being knows we will listen to him and the vested interests in the status quo will be substantially impotent so he (and his group) will show us the necessary steps to take to come back from the brink and start a new golden age where food, shelter, education, healthcare and all the other vitals to lead a civilised life become universal RIGHTS for ALL of the 6 Billion or so on the planet, not just those with the money to pay for them.

I highly recommend from personal experience you attend one of Benjamin Creme's free lectures & blessings (through him) (I assure you I have nothing to do with him or any org linked to him) either in London (monthly), US/Japan (yearly) or some other countries (yearly)- see the Share- International website for details of next lectures, times & locations

Laurence England said...

Benjamin Creme, occultist disciple of renowned occultists, Aleistair Crowley, Alice Bailey (Founder of the Lucis Trust, originally named, Lucifer Trust!) and long-standing herald of a New World "Teacher" to emerge when he's ready...a kind of anti-St John the Baptist.

Why is all this new age spirituality infecting the Church and the World a big problem?

The reason it is a problem is that people like this are around...

Courtesy of The Telegraph, December 2008

According to the Share International News Service, [Warning: don't read it or if you do, don't get roped in!] in a press release captioned Christmas Miracle, a "large bright star" will be appearing in the sky sometime over the next few days, or weeks, heralding the appearance on "a major US television programme" of the "new world teacher, maitreya", who will be ushering in a new age of peace, wisdom and understanding. And not before time, I hear you say. Share International is the organisation founded by Benjamin Creme, the Scottish painter and clairvoyant, and Britain's most redoubtable millenarian, who has been prophesying the coming of "maitreya" for the past 26 years.

Many now expect the return of their awaited 'teacher', whether they call him the Christ, Messiah, the fifth Buddha, Krishna, or the Imam Mahdi. Millions now know that the "teacher" who fulfills all these expectations is already living among us.

Share International website claims that, "maitreya", the "world teacher", has not come alone, but with a group of wise Teachers who have long guided humanity from behind the scenes. They are returning to the everyday world to help us solve our most critical global problems. "Maitreya" is not a religious leader, but an educator in the broadest sense.

He is here to inspire us to create a new era based on sharing and justice, so that all may have the basic necessities of life: food, shelter, health care, and education. His open mission in the world is about to begin. As "maitreya" himself has said: 'Soon, now very soon, you will see my face and hear my words.'

Hmm...Interesting! What's this crackpot-Aleistair Crowley-enthusiast-occultist-sorcerer-type-glow-in-the-dark-satan-worshipper doing getting his message into established respected daily like The Telegraph?

Houston, or rather Euston...We may indeed have a problem! If what Benjamin Creme says is true, and according to the web, he was in Euston, London, this weekend saying it again, then a "New Age World 'teacher'" is about to step into the limelight. What is more, the true identity of the "maitreya" is...Well, it begins in 'Anti-' and ends in '-Christ.' He's been saying this for about 25 years. Seems he knows this 'guru' but nobody else does. Cue music from The Omen. Also, if you can stomach it, look at Project Bluebeam to see how the great deception on what Benjamin Creme describes as the 'Day of Declaration' might take place. Cripes...If I am found not breathing in mysterious circumstances, like Serge Monast, who alerted the World to NASA's project along with his mate from Free Press International were, pray for me!

And if you can stomach it, read one Catholic's experience of meeting Benjamin Creme.

Anonymous said...

Benjamin Creme is a liar. Why? Because Maitreya isnt the Lord and also, he was asked if Maitreya was the antiChrist and he responded with a lengthy explanation as to why he isn't. Well Benjamin, if you can qoute some parts of the Bible and you claim that Maitreya was the spirit in Jesus (BULLCRAP I'll address later) then why can't you answer the AntiChrist question with 2John 1:7 "I say this because many decievers have gone out into the world. They deny that Jesus Christ came in a real body. Such a person is a deceiver and an antichrist." Benjamin also claims that his master's spirit went into the body of Jesus at his baptism. Well, if that were true, why didn't Jesus run around speaking about transcendental meditations and conciousness through the 5 levels of bullcrap that Benjamin is preaching?

Benjamin, this message is to you and your master: You may remain in waiting. We do not want you or need you. We may have troubled times, starvation, greed, etc. on this planet, but our faith in the Lord Almighty Jesus Christ gives us salvation. I suggest you and your master go around and visit everyone you have given false testimony to and tell the the true gospel of the Lord and beg forgiveness, and more importantly beg forgiveness from the Lion of Judah, Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

2John 1:7 "I say this because many decievers have gone out into the world. They deny that Jesus Christ came in a real body. Such a person is a deceiver and an antichrist."

You Misinterpreted this Passage!

John is talking about the people that think Christ came in a body made of nothing. Like he had a magical body and not a body made of flesh, like the rest of us. John wanted to make it clear that Jesus was of Human origin, and not some magical concoction.

You, like the Majority do not understand how to read the bible correctly. Even the highest church officials butcher the understanding of the bible, or any holy book for that matter.

What about this, Isaiah 28:10 “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:”

Isiah says here that you must back up every passage with other passages from other parts of the Bible; old and new. Jesus did the same thing during his ministry to confirm the validity of his own teachings.

Don't you think if Jesus backed up everything he said with a passage from the old testament. he would want you to do the same if you try to use his words to back up a argument you are trying to make. You slander Jesus's words by spreading them without fully knowing their meanings. He would be appalled at the loose use of his words with out properly understanding him.

People think just because they heard someone say something from a so called authoritative position that he is right and infallible like GOD. You trust interpretations from people that are wrong and follow blindly. Anybody ever notice how people that are open minded and see the truth in Ben Creme's words always write with very good arguments why they believe in Creme and Maitreya, and they always have a warm heart tone to their writing that doesn't strike out of fear. Now the so called Christians that come on to these blogs always are very hostile and call people names for not believing in their weak and fearful uneducated responses. Jesus would be ashamed of the Christians that behave in these ways. Jesus was not a weak fearful man that wanted more weak and fearful people to follow him. He wanted people to make an educated choice to follow his teachings and become a great person like him one day, but this is not without a ton of hard work to make you worthy of living such a life. He does not want blind allegiance that just defends him in the complete wrong way.

These lessons can not be taught by your church officials. The lesson can only be learned by you, and you alone. That is the path to Salvation, your own unique path that you must navigate. No one can tell you what to believe, you have to learn what you truly believe by investigating your fears and conquering them.

If you defeat you fears then you will be on the path, and the world will make much more sense, and you will lose your fear. Fear is the Antichrist, and seems most Christians are full of fear, and never solve them.

Fear is the plague of human civilization!