Tuesday, March 24, 2009

CD Review: Loz Bridge and the Box Social

The debut EP “Witches” from Loz Bridge and the Box Social kicks off with the stomping sing-a-long title track whose memorable and resonating chorus has the immortal line: “I hate! I hate! I hate my job!”

Loz Bridge's song is the natuarl anthem for the frustrated musician who needs a day job to survive and has to suffer the pain of the 9 to 5.

The former Suburbian singer wrote it from the heart and office chair and it is naturally an audience favourite although in this time of financial crisis I am sure many people will be singing along while hoping that the boss doesn't hear their true feelings.

The second song on the EP is the set opener China on which Andrew Foster on banjo and Matt E on drums drive it along with a true head nodding vibe.

Its a perfect EP to re-create the live experience and any new fan will be delighted with the purchase.

But for me this collection wins with the two songs that some people seem to causally pass by. Both “November” and “Sarah and the Wolves” are classic songs that ooze a blues/jazz feel yet hold a commercial edge.

They are also a place where Loz's piano and Andy Booth's double bass can add their charms.

Maybe its the age I've reached that sees me leaning towards these tracks but there aren't many people writing with this kind of feel and, if I had a record company, I would be pleading with Loz to deliver an album full of these songs.

However it is unlikely I could persuade him as the forcing of songs into straight jackets is something he did with Suburbian and now he says: “I made a contentious choice not to go in that direction. I'm keen to go in whatever direction is appropriate for the song. Either people like it or they don't.”

Either way you'll love this EP and, if you do hate your job, you'll have something to hum as the boss walks past.

Here's what they look like in the flesh...

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