Friday, January 02, 2009

We need more journalists like Mick Brown

It was good see journalist and author Mick Brown write in the Daily Telegraph’s blog about the expected “Christmas Miracle” (Bright star shines for Second Coming. Possibly)

He has also covered the Maitreya/Creme story in his book “The Spiritual Tourist” and once made a revealing documentary for BBC Radio 4 in which Crème not only spoke about his life’s mission to bring Maitreya to the public’s attention but also revealed what is was like to work with a “Master of Wisdom”.

But even though a writer of his standing is bringing this story to people’s attention you are left wishing that there were other journalists of Mick Brown calibre prepared to stick their neck out and create more awareness of Maitreya and the possibible benefits his emergency would make around the planet.

However "the sit back and wait approach" is apparently the way forward as Maitreya (under another name) will be interviewed on American TV a week or so after the “Christmas Miracle”.

Yet here we are, two days into the New Year and still no sign of any bright lights in the sky.

However I still haven’t stopped looking up at every opportunity hoping to catch that first glimpse of this new celestial object.

I’m usually looking to the north as logic dictates that if you are going to cause people to look up in awe, day and night, then away from the sun would be a sensible idea.

And we’ve had some lovely clear days and nights in England, almost perfect conditions since Christmas but still nothing.

Although remember this: Christmas is twelve days long and the last day, Epiphany, is on January 6th

I only recently found out that Epiphany in Greek means "to manifest" or "to show". So there is always hope of impeccable timing.

Yet the disturbing situation in the middle-east could prove a hindrance. With the Israelis attacking the Palestinians in Gaza I’m wondering if a cease-fire is needed before any light comes from above. Or would a new star in the sky cause people to stop their war?

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