Monday, January 12, 2009

How To Stop a Miracle

As we slowly roll into the middle of January the “Christmas Miracle” that Benjamin Crème predicted seems reluctant to appear.

If you are new to this story some background links are available at the end but, in summary, December’s issue of Share International and a subsequent press release announced a Christmas Miracle was expected:

“In the very near future a large, bright star will appear in the sky visible to all throughout the world – night and day.”
This “Miracle” would signal the beginning of the open Emergence of Maitreya, a person who will guide humanity to a golden future. Soon after the star’s appearance Maitreya, under a different name, would be interviewed on American television and start delivering His message of hope and change.

According to Benjamin Crème, editor of Share International, Maitreya is the One awaited by all religions who’s Emergence has been ongoing since His arrival in London in July 1977. It’s potentially a massive news story.

People who naturally deride this whole story see this new star’s non-appearance as yet more proof that Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom do not exist as well as proof that Benjamin Creme has been deluding many people for many years.

However if Maitreya is of the stature that Crème suggests, someone who seems to be saving humanity from humanity, then no doubt any “opposing forces” would try to stop, or at least delay Him. They have been blamed before.

In 1987 twenty-two journalists gathered in Brick Lane, in the East End of London, to hopefully meet Maitreya or one of His envoys.

Crème has always stated that Maitreya needs the media to invite Him forward because He cannot infringe humanity’s free will. Which is why Maitreya is unable to launch Himself unannounced on an unsuspecting public during the final of major sporting event.

Maitreya sees the media as the true representatives of the people, so instead of “take me to your leader” it’s more like: “put me in your leader”.

So this group of expectant reporters met in a curry house at 8pm on 31st July hoping to start the ball rolling. Unfortunately for everybody concerned nothing happened; at least in that room.

An explanation from Benjamin Crème’s Master was printed in Share International (September 1985) and might well give some insight as to why the “Christmas Miracle” has yet to be seen.

“The advent of a Being of the stature of the Christ is an event of planetary and even cosmic importance and is governed by certain laws. Inevitably it also inspires the opposition of those materialistic forces, seen and unseen, planetary and cosmic, who stand to lose the power which has kept humanity in thrall for untold ages.

On that day, beginning about 12 noon, an initiative was launched by these forces which took the total attention of Maitreya and His Brotherhood of Light to contain. This was not achieved until about 3 am.

The unanimous advice of the Masters was to postpone the contact. This decision was finally made about 9 pm. It was decided that the reception through the news media channels would not be of the best, evoking more disbelief, opposition and fear than was desirable.”
As we have no idea what was happening in the unseen areas of our planet we have to look elsewhere and a search of the Internet reveals two “seen” events which could have a bearing on the above explanation.

In Mecca 400 Iranian pilgrims were killed in clashes with Saudi Arabian security forces and in Canada, the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) calls July 31st 1987 Black Friday because of a very strong tornado: “…the weather in Edmonton is reaching biblical proportions: torrential rains, rivers rising and severe hailstorms.”

Deadly Skies: Canada's Most Destructive Tornadoes

Another event that is probably unrelated, but still would have caused extra activity in the media, was the UK’s Attorney General deciding to sue the Sunday Telegraph over the publication of details from Peter Wright's Spycatcher novel.

That aside there are parallels with the previous two events and a couple surrounding the Christmas Miracle that Creme predicted.

The festive time frame for the miracle was only announced in December’s issue of Share International, although it was first mentioned at Crème’s public meeting* in October but then is was expected “soon” and not a specific period.

Since the press release was sent out, two situations have shaken the world: Israel has attacked the Palestinians in Gaza and the Russians have cut off gas supplies to many homes in Europe.

No one is suggesting that the leaders of Russia or Israel are in league with “the other side” but the influences of the forces of materialism were blamed before, so have they sown seeds of discontent and suggestion again?

* Benjamin Crème’s next public meeting is Thursday January 15th 2009 at Friends Meeting House, Euston, London, doors open 18:30. (free)

Background reading:

The Christmas Miracle Press release

Share International magazine

“Ponder on This” A compilation of extracts from the books on Esoteric Philosophy by Alice A. Bailey.


Anonymous said...

Hi Xan,

Thanks for continuing to write about this.

It's not my hope to point fingers with the following citation, but thought some might find it interesting in relation to issues brought up in your post. This is from the Master's Message, July 2003. Note the specific references to Israel and Eastern Europe:

"What can be done to stabilize this dangerous situation? How can the nations keep America in check? By what means can ordinary people bring their weight to bear? These are large questions and have, indeed, no simple answers. They require wisdom of an exceptional order and a co-ordinated approach.

"Firstly, the world must realize the true nature of the problem: the USA today is led by men responsive to a nefarious energy which prompts their actions and puts peace in jeopardy. It stimulates their glamour for power of an international extent, and threatens the peace of the world. It has outposts in Israel and Eastern Europe, Israel being the major focus. This destructive energy derives, though in diminished potency, from that which plunged the world into chaotic war during the twentieth century and which, men thought, was safely put to rest.

"It can be seen, therefore, how necessary it is that there be peace in the Middle East; how necessary it is that the Palestinians have true justice and a viable homeland. This is the most important problem facing men today. Failure to solve it would be disastrous for the world."

Andy said...


I am glad you posted this. It's important to understand there could be much more happening "behind the scenes" than we are aware.

The Masters themselves are not confined to the space/time realm like we are, and so their vision of unfolding events is obviously quite different.

From what I've learned, we should remember is that Maitreya is here already. He has been among us, and his energy is already transforming many people's hearts and minds.

To everyone out there who has even the slightest interest in this story: Know the best thing you could do right now is make use of this "extra time" and pass along to all your friends and family this information - point them to the Share International website. You don't have to believe it's true, just pass it along for their consideration.

Anonymous said...

I always wondered how the world would get from "business as usual" to the environment forecast by Maitreya. I now know. He gives some direction, we ignore it and the results which he forecast occur. He gives more direction, we ignore it and we feel the effects. Now, many more of us are paying attention and are making the connection between cause and effect. Your article is the first that I've read in which a journalist makes the connection between Maitreya's emergence and the actions of those who would deter if not stop his emergence. Now that you have said it, it seems self-evident, and quite acceptable.

So it must be true that we, the people who know this story must do a better job of letting the others know, and of explaining the delays as the result of not only opposing forces, but of our own timidity.

Thank you, Xan, for your article. Please do more.

emdonelan said...

As many have since heard, reports have come in from Norway, Dubai, Quatar, Costa Rica, S. Africa that a star has been seen in these countries. The miracle is progressing as it should, in a timely or 'non-time-ly' fashion, and we who are moored solidly into linear time are breathless with anticipation. In Canada we had a CBC radio production called Dead Dog Cafe, whose main character advised, be calm, be brave, and watch for the signs....