Monday, January 19, 2009

Goodbye to Dark Age 2

The inauguration of Barack Obama sees the world start a new and more positive chapter in its life.

For the past 100 years the planet has experienced its second Dark Age: two world wars, a cold war, the incredible rise of materialism and the ensuing deterioration of our environment.

It seems that humanity has been wandering around with an executioners sack on its head, waiting for the chop. Since the arrival of Barack Obama, people are beginning to feel the sun on their face and the light in their eyes.

His arrival also sees the beginning of the retreat of the people who have been holding the world back.

George W Bush will be remembered for his financing of the fight against Aids in Africa but had he approached Afghanistan, Iraq, Wall Street and the environment with the same conviction we might be looking back fondly on his eight years in power.

However for many his tenure will be seen as the cold part of the night just before dawn.

The new President will still face opposition to his message of hope in the Parliaments and Presidential palaces where the idea of change conflicts with the desire for power.

Within those walls there is a belief that the current system will survive the financial meltdown and that eventually Obama will be drawn into the fold; in a similar way Tony Blair succumbed in the UK.

Blair was also elected on a wave of optimism and hope but it wasn’t long before he was enthralled by the financial world and men of money who seemed to be saying: “If you make change it will be bad for the economy!”

The financial crisis has drawn the rug from under that argument and no matter how many billions are pumped into the system it seems that nothing can stop the collapse.

On one hand Barack Obama brings hope and great expectance and but also the knowledge that we have many miles to travel before we can relax in a rebuilt world.

It was written somewhere that wisdom is intelligence with love, in Barack Obama that love of the people shines through and will hopefully saturate us all.

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