Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Something big about Subgiant

Every time I meet a band for a Showcase session I am always uplifted and inspired by their art and craft.

With Southampton based Subgiant I was also really surprised at the quality of the sound they produced and also the energy that exuded from their performance.

We squeezed them and their equipment into studio 2 and no matter how many technical gizmos you have; to stand out you need the tunes and Subgiant have them in bucket loads.

They played two songs in the session “Filthy” from the album Global Control and “Stunt Driver” which is a new download.

And if you are a collector of CD’s then get Global Control as Subgiant will only be releasing single pieces of music for a while.

This is “a response to what’s happening in the industry.” Bass and keyboard player, Olly Maw, told us. “It means we can talk to the fans more regularly rather than one big build up.”

This makes a lot of sense. Hours of time and effort are put into making and promoting an album and once released momentum is hard to maintain.

So for bands on Subgiant’s level a track once in a while keeps interest ticking over and continues building the fan base they are picking up from all the festivals they play.

This Sunday they are in session on the original Showcase after 6pm and live at Endorse it in Dorset, main stage, 15:00, Saturday 9th August.

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