Friday, August 08, 2008

Please Let The Pictures Do The Talking

What a brilliant opening ceremony the Chinese have presented for the 2008 Olympics.

I wasn’t able to see it all but the moments I witnessed gave one hope for the future of mankind. The colour, the precision, the costumes and what a finale! It honestly brought a tear to my eye.

But what really irritated me was the commentators on the BBC broadcast. They couldn’t stop talking. They couldn’t let the action speak for itself. All sorts of scraps trivia were delivered.

It was like being at the cinema and having a couple chatting about production techniques during the whole film.

The moment I cracked was during the pianist Lang Lang’s performance and the presenters continued wittering away about banal and inane things.

I telephoned the BBC to complain but the line was busy so maybe others felt the same. I’ll let you know if my e-mail gets a response.

However should anyone ask you to commentate on such a spectacular event in the future, this handy quote from Confucius should be kept for future reference:

“Silence is the true friend that never betrays.”

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