Friday, July 11, 2008

How To Approach A Record Company

Recently I was asked for advice about approaching a record company.

This brought back happy memories of my times in bands where we would all traipse up to a record company, meet someone in A&R, and play them our latest demo.

These were never successful meetings and I doubt A&R departments still allow young hopefuls through the door so this is how I would approach it now.

Find someone whose musical opinion you trust and ask them if you are any good. If they say no then either improve, or give up and stick to the day job.

If they say yes find the record label most suited to your sound; the one you would really love to sign to.

Then find out who is responsible for new acts and try and speak to them. You’ll need to be charming to get past the receptionist. Don’t be put off by a negative response.

Once you have a name; you have a contact. Send this person your demo but make sure the whole package looks impressive: a plain silver CD with a hand written note is going straight into the bin.

So maybe send your trusted friend from above the whole package and see what improvements they can suggest.

And be prepared for a positive response. If they like you they will want to: see you play live as soon as possible and how many albums of material you already have.

Good luck!

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