Wednesday, July 09, 2008

No More Soggy Carrots

The curse of soggy carrots sometimes strikes these orange vegetables in my fridge.

One day they are a tempting, crisp snack only to succumb 24 hours later to a case of the bends!

A possible solution to this soft problem was provided in article published by the Guardian: How To Cut Your Food Waste in 20 simple steps (Tuesday 8th July)

In step 5 they suggest we should be storage savvy and invest in an E.G.G. an "Ethylene Gas Guardian" (left) and, as the EGG web site points out:

“Much of the produce in your refrigerator is sensitive to the presence of even very low levels of ethylene gas. The refrigerator acts as a trap for the ethylene gas given off by the generating varieties, allowing it to build up to damaging levels. Although not hazardous to humans, the ethylene gas leads to the early aging and rotting of your produce.”

I intend to purchase one of these EGG's and will keep you updated as to my progress.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Xan,

How firm are your carrots these days?