Monday, July 31, 2006

The Time is Right for Grown-Up Government

The possibility that the UK government is going to commission another generation of nuclear power stations should be a catalyst for new thinking amongst those who object: and I am one of them.

The waste legacy of nuclear energy affects every person in the country and the decision should not solely be a ministerial one. The public should be given the chance to prove they don’t need it; they don’t want it and can clearly demonstrate these feelings in a responsible manner.

I’m suggesting that the British people should be set a target of energy saving which when reached would ensure that these nuclear power stations would not be built.

In my opinion this is ‘Grown-up Government’ – get the people to prove they can do something about a problem and then government will follow.

Human beings love a positive challenge and there could be nothing better than the collective struggle of saving energy with the reward of no more nuclear power stations.

I envisage television shows, web sites and competitions between towns and counties to see who can save the most power. After every weather bulletin we could have an energy update.

With the goal of a better and cleaner country it would be a positive experience that young and old could share. In turn it might make the UK a happier place to live in; one where the collective good is held in high esteem.

Or am I being incredibly naive?

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