Monday, December 15, 2008

Sleeping 9 to 5 (or there abouts)

There aren’t many groups, societies or clubs that I belong to, and none that I claim to have started, but I feel obliged to make you aware of people who find it hard to be creative in company time.

Their solution is getting up early and working from 5 to 7am.

My father wrote his book in the early hours, I’m sitting here in a similar fashion and my friend Carla White has recently used this two hour slot of peace and quiet to create an application.

It’s called "Gratitude!": a personal gratitude journal for the iPhone.

Unfortunately I don’t possess one of these sexy devices so can’t vouch for her creation but Carla is a great coder and, as we are informal members of the 5am club, I feel obliged to point you to her direction.

or download it from iTunes

iPhone Gratitude App

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