Wednesday, February 14, 2007

They'll come in peace

In a recent posting Mr Meadows has rightly pointed out that ‘the people of Earth’ have been conditioned to think that any alien invasion would be a violent one.

I’m not surprised. Our history of discovery has always been a marred by bloodshed.

Newly discovered countries were always ripe for plundering and pillaging: from the Romans onwards it has been a succession of conquests.

Consequently people think aliens will mirror our base actions and motives and so they’ll take Earth by force.

But as far as I’m aware there aren’t space ships on the White House lawn, so this can only mean one of two things…

Aliens don’t exist or they have a policy of making themselves known when the time is right.

Look at it this way. Would you land on a planet that had millions of people starving to death, which was moving towards an environmental disaster and still used war as a method of solving an argument?

This planet is a beautiful place, and has enough for every one, but until we live in balance with ourselves and nature I don’t think we’ll be receiving visitors from afar.

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